Mercy House Heroes Rescue And Save A Life – On Christmas Day


Moise a few months after he had arrived from Rwanda in 2009, with Comboni Father John at the Schoenstatt shrine.


We were a halfway through our Christmas celebration on Christmas day when very sad news came through. Our beloved Moise (who came to us at age 9 and is now 20!) was found lying near Mercy House in a sea of blood, having been attacked by thugs, with wrists and throat cut and was slowly bleeding to death. It must have been around midday that friends found him and immediately came to Mercy House to ask for help. As God would have it, our Sudanese Felix, who lived in Mercy House for 5 years whilst he was studying Medical Research and is now working for the Health Department, arrived in his car, at exactly the same time. Eddie, Felix and Colby sped to the scene. They moved Moise under extremely difficult circumstances and got Moise into the Emergency section of the Johannesburg General Hospital where his life was saved.


Moise and Charlie






We thank the staff of the hospital who looked after Moise for about 2 weeks. If it had not been for Felix, Eddie and Colby, Moise would certainly not be alive today. And again, it was the amazing co-incidence of Felix arriving in his car at the exact same moment that the news reached us, that saved Moises’s life. Co-incidence or Divine Providence? We salute you, Eddie, Colby and Felix –
YOU REALLY ARE HEROES. And well done Moise, for coming through this dreadful experience bravely and without bitterness. Good news is that on 17 February, Moise was well enough to return to his IT studies at Richfield College in Braamfontein.


The photos show Moise, when he came to Mercy House on his 9th birthday in 2009, from an orphanage in Rwanda, and another of Moise in 2019 with Charlie our dog, and lastly, Moise celebrating his birthday, on 9th January 2020 in the hospital ward.