Mercy Education Project 2020


This year we have been able to continue assisting our young refugees in the field of education. We are assisting as many as 18 school children. In addition, we are helping 9 tertiary students, with courses in the fields of IT, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Health Science, Home Nursing, Art and Crafts, Photography etc.

All this is only made possible by our very supportive and magnanimous donors. These include our Mercy Team at St Richards Church and Victoria Milne in the UK, our Comboni Father John Converset and his assistant, Jo, the Riversdale Foundation in the USA, together with local supporters: the Holy Family Sisters, the Holy Rosary Sisters, Judy Dumbushena, Marlene Ogawa, Erica Van Der Byl, Mr and Mrs Ogbers, Collette Hinton, Shanelle Beharie, Kathleen and Deon Van Eeden, the American International School, Holy Family College, Dr Emmanuel Taban and several others who do not want to be mentioned.

Thank you so much to each one of you. We are doing something epic together. Linked together in the chain of Mercy which builds a better future and heals the world!