Dibaba Comes All The Way From Canada To Visit Mercy House His Former Home!

Dibaba and his father, 2003

Dibaba’s family moved into Mercy House in the year 2001. They stayed with us for about 5 years. When the family moved, Dibaba remained at Mercy House right until they resettled to Canada in December 2013. We were able to get a bursary for Dibaba to do his schooling up to matric at the excellent Dominican Convent School, where he was in leading sports teams and also chosen to be deputy head boy. Indeed, it was a privilege and pleasure always to have Dibaba with us: an amazing young man. Now in Canada, people can study on a repayable loan at university and he is in his 5th year of Bio-Chemistry, to qualify soon. He has married a charming young Canadian girl, Jodi, seen with him in the photo. It meant the world to us that Dibaba took the trouble to come all the way from Canada to get in touch with his roots and show his young wife where he had lived and moved. Mercy House was of course delighted. We had a special luncheon to welcome them and invited all his former friends, quite a few of whom are already married with children. See photos attached. Thank you so much for coming, Dibaba and please come again.


Dibaba and Jodi

(from left to right) Eddie, Diana, Dibaba and Jodi