Christmas 2019

Our celebration of Christmas was once again a joyful occasion. Even although news of the brutal attack on Moise was sent to Diana during the celebration, it was not made public and the celebration went on with everyone enjoying themselves.

(on the right) Mrs Jennifer Stevens


We thank SANTA SHOEBOX workers for delivering many gifts to us – one for each person, named and relevant to the age and gender of the recipient, also beautifully wrapped. It was Mrs Jennifer Stevens (seen in the photo) who was in charge of our consignment. In spite of having a Christmas day celebration with her family, she still managed to come through and join in our fun. It meant a lot to her, given the fact that she had put so much hard work into it.


Then there were Paige and Emmanuel from the American International School who also brought us many gifts that Paige had collected from her school – this was also hugely helpful, since we were catering for about 60 refugees of all age groups! We also thank Mr Peter Keshwar and his St Vincent De Paul Society in Victory Park, for their magnanimous donation of cooked chickens for our lunch. Needless to say, since Mercy House does not even have an oven, this annual gift is extremely helpful. We thank Felix Made as well for his contribution to our lunch. So much to be grateful for! See pictures below.