Education Project 2018

We were very blessed in late 2016 to receive money from Germany for education to support a large number of scholars and tertiary students in the academic year 2017.  Unfortunately, that was a once-off donation, but we are still doing our best to assist 23 young people with schooling this year and 5 with tertiary studies. We thank our loyal supporters at St Richards’ Church in the UK, who every year, organise fundraising projects for us.  We thank in particular Mick and Penny Finn who offer their beautiful garden (see photo below) every mid-year, as the venue for a garden lunch. They raised a substantial amount last year which has gone towards our education project 2018.  We thank also the parishioners of St Richards for their loyal support. So, it’s back to school, back to studies and we wish all our students the very best for the year ahead.