Happy Reunion With Danny

On the 12th of May this year, Danny arrived back at Mercy House. We had not seen him for about 4 years!   This was a wonderful experience for us.  Danny comes from Goma in the Eastern DRC which till today is a severely war-ravaged area. He was living happily with his family in Goma until one fateful night when he awoke to gunshots in his house. He realised that soldiers were invading their home and crept under his bed. When they searched his room, they did not see him. Once they had gone, he went into the lounge where his family had been watching TV.  He found the whole family lying dead in pools of blood on the floor. Danny ran to his aunt nearby. Shortly after he got there the soldiers came to her house also. He watched them beating his uncle to death and assaulting his aunt.  She survived, but fled as soon as she could with the children and arrived in South Africa some weeks later.  This was in 2011.  Danny ended up staying at Mercy house where he was warmly welcomed, while his aunt and her children stayed at a shelter for women.  We got Danny into school where he did very well.  Due to problems she had here, the aunt decided to leave South Africa after 3 years, and took Danny with her. We were very sad.  

At the beginning of May this year, Danny called us and told us of the terrible situation in the Zimbabwean refugee camp where they were living.  He begged to return to us. Through a series of amazing happenings this became possible and, with the aunt’s approval, he returned to Mercy House with David, his close friend, also an orphan from Goma, on the 12th of May this year. We are very happy to have Danny back.

By now Danny is in school, and is delighted to be there, studying really hard, to make up for all the schooling he has missed. As he is very strongly motivated, we believe he will do well. To our amazement, David even got a job within a week of arrival, cutting hair.  We thank God and praise Him for this wonderful privilege he has given to us, in allowing Danny to return. Welcome Danny and David.  See photos below.

Danny and David