30 January, 2017

St Vincent de Paul groups in several parishes are most faithful in their support of our work. We are indebted to them and wish to thank them publicly. The society in Victory Park brings food every Thursday and sometimes more often. St Vincents’ in Rosebank offers monthly financial support, so too does Bez Valley branch. They also provide our people with a braai in December each year. The photo below was taken at the braai this last December. St Vincents’ in Malvern brings their youth down regularly, several times a year, to provide a luncheon for our people and it is always on a Saturday, when outside kids have come for extra lessons, so they can benefit too – see photo below.



Saturday, 24th September 2016

Spring Cleaning and Gardening day: all welcome

Friday, 16th December 2016

Holy Mass 10.00 a.m. Bishop Sandri to celebrate our birthday

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That´s Mercy House

That´s Mercy House


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To all our benefactors and co-workers, not only in South Africa, but also overseas in the USA and UK, thank you so much for your encouraging loyal support: all this is possible through you. May God reward you in the ways you need it most. Happy New Year.

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