05 September, 2016

On Friday, the 22nd of July, a concert was held at the Anglican Church in  Bosham, West Sussex, England, to raise money for Mercy House and an orphanage in Romania. It had been arranged by the parish priest of the Anglican Church in Bosham , Father Martin Lane and Mrs Kate Phillips of Assumption Catholic Church. How encouraging that we here in South Africa and the orphans in Romania are being remembered, supported and helped, so generously,  from people as far away the UK.
The choir at the concert came from as far away as Australia! Jane, daughter of Mrs Kate Phillips, recently qualified as a doctor, having studied in New South Wales, Australia. Whilst there, she joined the choir at Christ Church Cathedral.  It was she who invited the choir to travel to the UK and give of their excellence at a concert in Bosham.  And it all came true! We attach some photos of the concert. The young lady playing the flute, which she apparently did brilliantly, is Louise Underwood. 
 Mrs Judy McGregor, leader of our Mercy House Team in the UK, has described the concert as “most successful, with a good turnout and stunning voices…. the talent and gifted musicians were truly something to behold.” A good sum of money was raised which will be shared by the Romanian orphans and Mercy House. A very sincere thank you to all who were part of this magnanimous gesture, Mrs Kate Phillips, Jane, Louise, Father Martin Lane, Kathy Campbell, and of course, all the choir members.  Many other unseen workers also deserve our thanks.  We won’t forget your kindness and will remember you in our prayers.
May you and all who supported the fund-raise



Saturday, 24th September 2016

Spring Cleaning and Gardening day: all welcome

Friday, 16th December 2016

Holy Mass 10.00 a.m. Bishop Sandri to celebrate our birthday

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To all our benefactors and co-workers, not only in South Africa, but also overseas in the USA and UK, thank you so much for your encouraging loyal support: all this is possible through you. May God reward you in the ways you need it most. Happy New Year.

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