And what a beautiful celebration it was. The joy, as always, was tangible, with around 60 refugees – of all ages – there altogether. Thanks to the generosity of our friend Anna of Ocean Basket, we had a delicious lunch, followed by a nativity play of quality, prepared and produced by two of our young men, Ivan and Zeng.

Next, some of our young Rwandan ladies entertained us with Rwandan cultural dancing – see photo.  This was followed by the arrival of Father Xmas (a seven- year-old boy) and his adult assistant, Desire.  Everyone got a gift, selected and prepared for them personally. They were delighted with the “Xmas boxes” which are supplied every year for them by the Rosebank Union Church, to whom we certainly owe a great debt of gratitude.  Christmas 2015 was a day which will be remembered by all.  Our thanks to everyone who contributed in some way to the joy of the feast.