27 January, 2015

First our thanks goes to Father Jeremias, Comboni Provincial, for his on-going encouragement and support, to Mrs Rosemary Benjamin who supports our young people in many ways, also takes our residents to her home and elsewhere at weekends. We thank Diana Gordon Grant for organising weekly sandwiches for our students to take to their school or college and also her husband, Tim, for their wonderful support of  our work. We thank Sister Clementine for bringing us weekly bread, SvdeP Victory Park, for their weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables, David for his weekly Bible Study session, lawyer Neels Coertse, who works with huge dedication to help some of our residents with their documentation. We thank Judy Dumbutshena, Luigi and Lucy Slaviero, Ingrid Ogders, for sponsoring  our scholars, John Faller who pays our accounts, Peter Holding who does our monthly shopping etc.,  and so the tale goes on.  Then there are our loyal supporters in the UK and USA! There so many to thank, pardon us if your name is not on this list, it is impossible to mention everyone, but you know and God knows what you are doing for Mercy House.   May God reward you all in the ways that you need it most.

We wish all our benefactors and viewers a great new year…  and don’t forget: “All time belongs to Him and all the ages!”


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Saturday, 24th September 2016

Spring Cleaning and Gardening day: all welcome

Friday, 16th December 2016

Holy Mass 10.00 a.m. Bishop Sandri to celebrate our birthday

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To all our benefactors and co-workers, not only in South Africa, but also overseas in the USA and UK, thank you so much for your encouraging loyal support: all this is possible through you. May God reward you in the ways you need it most. Happy New Year.

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